You don't need a thousand reasons before you decide we are the best.


Using telegram as our main interface will make user activation as easy as one click. Once you activate our telegram bot, you will be instantly registered in our system.


Kido Network has experimented with telegram bot and created the most simple and user friendly flow. Even a kid will understand on how to use Kido.


User interaction will be much faster. No need to load web pages using browser. All user interaction will be done inside telegram. User request will be sent instantly.



With only as simple as 2 clicks, your trading bot are ready.

Your telegram are connected to kido trading engine on the cloud.
Any bot you pick, will be connected instantly thru telegram's Cryptographic (authorization) layer.


You will always be notify on how much allocation left for your bot. You may pick multiple bots provided that it not exceed your total allocation.


Notification will be sent to your telegram every time your trading bot are making new order. Disconnecting the bot is as simple as one click.


New trading bot will be updated monthly. Client will have unlimited option for trading bots in the future.


Available Trading Bots








We have the most competitive fees among trading bots service provider.

  • 0.01 BTC per month
  • Unlimited trading bots
  • Basic Allocation of 1 BTC
  • 0.01 BTC
  • 0.1 BTC Lifetime
  • Unlimited Trading Bots
  • Basic Allocation of 1 BTC
  • 0.1 BTC
  • 2500 KIDO per 1 BTC trading allocation
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • 0.01 minimum Allocation per bot
  • 2500 Kido



Login to your telegram account. Search for kido bot in the username search field. Click start. Account activation will be done inside telegram.



Kido Network

#1 What is the Kido Network?

The Kido network is a platform for automated cryptocurrency trading(bots). We use a subscription business model and provide our users with unlimited trading bots for their accounts. While most of our competitors are using a web interface for user interaction, Kido network uses telegram chat apps as the main user interface.

#2 Why telegram?

As of december 2017, telegram already being used by 200 million people. As a newcomer, It will be a lot easier for Kido to penetrate the market. In addition, user interaction will be much faster, no more loading web pages. All information requested will be sent instantly, to the user even with a low bandwidth internet data connection.

#3 How does Kido work?

After the subscription has been paid, the user will need to input their Binance API key and Binance secret key. This info will be stored in Kido bot trading engine database. Imagine telegram apps as an identity and a portal to access Kido bot trading engine. Whenever a user picks a trading bot, our engine will assign a trading bot to user’s binance keys. Kido does not hold users funds. Users are in complete control of the funds in their accounts.

#4 How many exchanges are supported?

Currently we only support the Binance Exchange, volumes are close to 2 billion USD daily and is a major source of liquidity. In the near future, we will work with other exchanges as well.

#5 How to start?

For first time users, you will need to have telegram apps with you and search for @Kidoneworkbot in telegram username search field. This telegram bot will be your main user interface. We are not using email for registration. So user registration is done with telegram immediately. Selection of trading bots will be available in telegram.

#6 How can I pay for subscription?

Kido will only accept payment in bitcoin. After starting kido telegram bot (@Kidoneworkbot), you need to push the activation button to receive your bitcoin deposit address. Your account will be activated after 3 confirmations and your “activate” button will be changed to “Commission“ button.

#7 How much is the subscription cost?

The subscription activation cost will be 0.01 per month or 0.1 btc lifetime. By paying the activation fees, the user will get unlimited access to any trading bots. Payment of 0.09 btc will be count as 9 months and payment of 0.1 btc at once will be count as lifetime subscription. Kido network will keep on researching and developing new trading strategy and update our list of bots.

#8 What do I do after paying subscription?

After 3 confirmations, you will be notified of your account activation status. You then need to Input your information under settings: Your name, Btc withdrawal address, Binance API key and Binance Secret Key. Next goto Trading bots > and select ‘new bot’. You can then pick any bot and allocate (or give permission) to the bot and how much btc it can use to perform trades. For example if you allocate 0.3 btc to a bot, regardless of how many position it opens, the maximum amount it will use at a time is 0.3 btc. Please make sure your binance account is funded with btc before picking a new bot.

#9 Is there any limitation on how many bots we can choose?

There are absolutely no limit to the number of trading bots you can choose. If there are 100 trading bots available, you can pick them all and analyze which bot strategy is creating the larger return on investment. Both monthly and Lifetime btc activation, User can allocate 1 btc in total. For example if you have 1 btc in your binance account, you can pick 100 trading bots, provided that you assign 0.01 btc allocation for each one.

#10 What if I have more btc for trading?

Users can always upgrade their account to get more trading allocation. Simply go to Kido network inside your telegram, click on Trading bots>Upgrade account. You will be given a erc20 deposit address for the upgrade. Payment of 0.01 (monthly) and 0.1 (Lifetime) from subscription activation will granted you a default 1 btc trading allocation. So if you have 3 btc in your Binance account and would like to assign it all to trading bots, just click upgrade and pay 5000 kido token (1 btc allocation increase per 2500 token). You will be notify on how much available trading allocation for your account. Upgrade account fees is only once in a lifetime. Whenever you reactivate your subscription fees (for monthly subscribers) you will get the same trading allocation amount.


Kido Network

#1 Can I fund my binance account with other currency?

All our trading strategy are using BTC based currency. If you fund your account with other currency example: ETH, you need to change it to BTC. All trading and profits will be done and calculated using BTC based.

#2 You said Kido will not hold user trading funds. But why we need to input BTC withdrawal address in setting?

Yes, Kido will not hold any funds. User’s fund are 100% in their complete control. We are only providing automated trading bots as our service. Your btc withdrawal address are needed for you to be able to withdraw your referral commision gained by attracting new user. Attracting new user are as simple as giving them your referral link. Please make sure withdrawal address are belong to you and only accessible by you.

#3 What is a referral link?

After activation, each user will have their own referral link. You can use your referral link to earn commissions for new users registered using your link. Any any fees paid by new user whether it was subscription fees or buying Kido token, will granted you 0.5% commision per month for 12 month for your first level, 0.5% on your second level, And another 0.5% on your third level. Subscription below 0.1 btc will only have 3 level commision. For those who subscribe for lifetime membership will get 5 level commision.

#4 Why there are left and right referral?

Kido Network are using binary commision structure to pay Performance fees. Whenever the performance fees paid on your A wing and your B wing are matched, you will gain another 10% every match. The more your A wing and B wing network grow by itself, the more you will gain commissions. We believe this commision structure are good for strong teamwork.

#5 This sounds like a ponzi scheme.

Kido is new in the industry. We don't have much funds for marketing. We don't have any crypto celebrities connections. All our funds are invested into building our product. We are not going to waste working capital for marketing and celebrity testimonials. Traditional media outlets like Google and Facebook, are banning ads related to Crypto or ICO’s. By having a binary commision structure, our growth will depend on our product and our users. By demonstrating our value proposition to our customers, word of mouth will drive engagement. All subscription fees paid by users are given back to Kido community using 3-5 level commision structure. Kido is not a ponzi scheme which by definition paying high returns to attract new adopters. We DO NOT promise any return on investment. We are a platform for automated crypto trading bots. We are only using double sided affiliate system to promote our services (Binary commision structure). In our opinion this is more respectable rather than raising funds thru ICO that is not product centric.

#6 If so, how does Kido make profits to sustain operations?

Profits are derived from total client trading volume. When a trading bot makes a profit, the user pays 20% of the profit, in performance fees. 10% of which will go to Kido as profit, 50 % will be given to bot creator, the rest will be distributed to node holder, kido partner and binary commision. Kido can only make money if users are making profit. So we will make sure our energy and creativity are invested in creating good trading bots. User are also recommend to register their binance account using kido referral link.

#7 How many type of commision are there in Kido?

There are 2 type of commision: 1. 0.5% Direct referral commision (3-5 level) from activation fees and payment for kido token. 2. 10% Binary commision from performance fees.

#8 Will I make good profit using Kido?

We are not promising any return on investment. We are a platform. Not an investment scheme. Cryptocurrency trading is no more risky than other investments like stocks, bonds and commodities. Investing in ICOs, mining new coins, hodl new token or coins is no less risky. Anything related to crypto has their own risk. If we say you will surely make good profit using our platform, it is not much different than saying that we can predict the future, which no one can. Kido is only a platform that provides automation on trading strategy. Please understand the risk before participating in any crypto trading related services. Any user with a good idea on trading strategy are welcome to write to us.

Kido Roadmap